Awakening the Creative Spirit

 Awakening the Creative Spirit

Lynn Miller, artist, musician, teacher and healer has a passion for bringing the healing power of the arts to the community. Wouldn’t this be a happier planet if more people sang, danced and created art together? In some indigenous cultures and in ancient times the community made music and danced together connecting with one another, spirit and self.

Lynn has written a book and created a groundbreaking program: SpiritArts, Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Dance

This method fosters skills in creating intuitively which develops:

  • deep listening (to self and something greater than self)
  •  trusting the process to be guided (making friends with the unknown)

To do this we must learn to:

  • get out of our own way ( to co-create with spirit)
  • face our fears (to find our joy)

When you create, you are giving birth, causing something to come into being…

Lynn  has a private practice at the Healing Arts Studio in Phoenixville, PA where she practices:

Lynn facilitates workshops in the creative arts internationally.  She has taught in India, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, France and the US. Home or abroad, her mission is to ignite individuals toward their creative potential through music, art and energy healing.

Call Lynn with your questions or to to set up an appointment.